Yasemin Bakiri, Glass Artist, Istanbul

P1140954 (Large)P1140912 (Large)Already as a small child she loved the seaside. There she could collect pepples of different shapes and colors. “I think my fascination started then.” Today Yasemin Bakiri is a famous Turkish glass artist.
P1140920 (Large)During her studies she went to Italy for 2 months and discovered in Murano near Venice different glass art. “I got very excited”, she says. Before in Istanbul she already absolved an internship at a glass factory and got very thrilled with the material. It was all industrial and she wondered what else one can do with the medium glass. In Murano she felt for the first time, that glass could also be very flexible.
P1140930 (Medium)

The last drop of love.

The last drop of love.

P1140939 (Medium)P1140931 (Medium)

In Turkey she had experienced only the traditional glass, in Italy she saw different colors and later, during her study in London, she visited the glass exhibition Opus II. First time she came in touch with a very artistic way of glass sculptures. “My heart began to beat a lot! It was there where I found my happiness.”
P1140938 (Large)Before she worked only with ceramics but from that time on she dedicated her life to glass. Later on in 1992 she studied at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College at the so called 3-dimensional-design-department. “I applied and got accepted. I was lucky” In Surrey she studied for 3 years and after she began working at Glass House. Together with the famous British glass makers Christopher Williams and Annette Meech. “I started as an assistant. I worked with them for 3 years, after I went on as a free lance designer and glass maker.”
P1140948 (Medium)P1140952 (Large)Then she became pregnant and discovered how difficult it is working as a mother of a small child. “I missed my family a lot!” She went back to Istanbul to see her relatives and set up a glass and ceramic studio with a former university colleague. “During this time I lived some months of the year in Istanbul and some in London. Beside I taught students in Istanbul in glass design.”
P1140934 (Medium)P1140921 (Medium)
Later on she prepared an exhibition in Camhane, an old and neglected historic building. “I asked the city administration if I can open there a glass studio and the authorities accepted. I got the permission to renovate the building.” In 2007, after 2 years, she opened her own glass studio. Today it is the only one in Turkey. She still goes back and forth to London. “But my place is now in Istanbul. In London I get the inspiration, but the production of my art I prefer to do at home.”
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