Serhat Koçak, Painter, Istanbul

P1150070 (Large)I meet Serhat in his studio in Kadaköy, a quarter of the Asian part of Istanbul. “I didn’t study art, art is my passion which came in my life long ago”, says the 30 years old artist. He reflects on his life, thinks about the past as well as the future. For 8 years he lived in Australia, where he attended High School and later on University to study Multi Media Design.
P1150059 (Large)He starts reflecting on his art: “I had a great art teacher at High School. She encouraged me to focus my career on art, mainly painting, visiting Art School.” His mother wanted him to study something to make money. So he decided for Multi Media as his major. “But I never stopped painting.” Finally he recognized that he doesn’t want to work for a company. “Painting was all I wished to do. Nowadays I try to make a living out of it, but it is not easy.”
P1150073 (Large)He came back to Istanbul, preferred to live in Turkey than in Australia. “I was meant to be here, so I came back. Turkish people are warmer, more heartful. I don’t feel lonely.”
P1150071 (Large)His last exhibition in Istanbul was titled “Unreal reality”. He painted the emotions he went through und how he experiences the world from today. He talks about his contributions to the Art Monaco and the Biennale at Florence/Italy. “I don’t really care where to exhibit. I just like people to see my work, maybe I can change someone’s life to the better by the influence of my art. And somehow it is always also satisfying my ego.”
P1150064 (Large)I asked him whether he likes to show his experiences through teaching. “I would like to exchange ideas but I don’t see myself at the moment in doing any teaching”, Serhat responds. “In my life I experience different periods and I paint them. I don’t think paintings should be explained. What I want you to understand is to loose yourself and feel. This is about the main thing of a painting I am creating. It should give you feelings and emotions, it should connect you with some points of your life.”
P1150074 (Large)He is consequent in his way of life, at the same time modest, concerned about nature and environment. He mentions that he was winning the 3. prize of famous Saatchi Gallery, London in submitting a piece of his art.
He is dedicated, he is strict in following his way. “I was always painting. Art became my life. It was and is always in my mind. And I will keep on.”

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