Burçin Erdi, Painter, Istanbul

P1150078 (Large)Burçin Erdi invites me to her studio in Istanbul for a cup of tasty Turkish tea. She just came back from Sevilla, Spain, where she studied art for 4 years. I feel her enthusiasm, when she talks: “I travelled a lot, had exhibitions in Sevilla, Lisbon, Rome and Florence.” I am looking at the big canvas in her studio. “I am preparing for my next exhibition in New York City”.

P1150076 (Large)Born in 1977 as a daughter of a cameraman in Munich, Germany she grew up in a family of artists. She got the inspiration to paint already as a child. “Because of my father I was always surrounded by pictures and photos.” In 2006 she graduated with a Master degree from Istanbul University. “First I wanted to become an architect. I did restoration work but after all I felt better with painting. Now I can make a living out of it.” Burçin loves to visit museums and exhibitions. “Soon was clear: That’s my world!”
P1150084 (Large)P1150083 (Large)She gets inspired by many things: women, friends, drinking, eating. A couple of her paintings show people sitting together with food and wine. “This is what I call ‘The last dinner’!” All her exhibitions have topics as “Night tales”, “Conversations”, “Dialogues” or “Perceptions”. “Normally my paintings show movements”, she adds. “You see, there are many graffitis in it.”
P1150091 (Large)P1150090 (Large)P1150088 (Large)Burçin loves street art and the combination of old and new. “I went to Sevilla because there is tradition and this is very important for me.” Due to her research in Spain she got just recently her doctoral degree in art.
P1150092 (Large)Then she talks about her feelings: “When I am painting I am talking with me.” No wonder, the women in her work seem to be like her, just looking very similar.
P1150086 (Large)“They are figures like me”, she admits. In her last series of pictures the women are all sitting, strictly sitting. Maybe this is a sign of her indecision she had in Sevilla. “I wanted to stay in Sevilla as much as I wanted to be back in Istanbul. I just could not decide”, she describes her state of mind then. The longing of being home was finally stronger. But now she knows she has to move on. Next destination: New York City!
P1150081 (Large)P1150089 (Large)www.burcinerdi.com

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