Claudia-Laura Zigman, Painter, Brasov (Kronstadt)

P1150984 (Large)Claudia-Laura Zigman started her first exhibition in 1995. “In my art I put biographical issues as well as my special working techniques. Besides I wish that my audience recognizes my sensibility, my special way of being an artist and the combination of different colors.”

She studied at Sibiu art school from 2000 til 2003.

P1150980 (Large)Claudia-Laura admits that she is restless, always looking for new inspirations, always searching for her way. In 2010 she got the first prize for her work The tin horse, honored by the city of Brasov (Kronstadt).

Till august 15, 2013 she presents in Brasov (Kronstadt) in the Galeriile de Arta her new exhibition The ninth sky. She cannot describe by words what she wants to express with her paintings full of fashion, beauty and melancholy. “This exhibition shows how much I like my freedom as an artist”, admits Claudia-Laura. “My pictures are a story without beginning and without end. I am still creating it!”

P1150986 (Large) P1150978 (Large) P1150977 (Large) P1150976 (Large) P1150975 (Large) P1150974 (Large) P1150973 (Large) P1150972 (Large) 


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