Mihai Zigman, Painter, Brasov (Kronstadt)

P1150988 (Large)Originally, Mihai worked as a restorer in churches and specialized in religious paintings. He studied art in Timișoara (Temeswar) from 2009 to 2011. Now he focuses his work on portraits. He puts his effort of showing expressions and feelings of the various people he is working with. He showed his art in Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Spain, France and USA.

Now he lives in Brasov (Kronstadt) and presents his work there in the Galeriile de Arta together with his wife Claudia-Laura Zigman.



P1150996 (Large) P1150995 (Large) P1150994 (Large) P1150993 (Large) P1150992 (Large) P1150990 (Large)

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