Armani/Silos at Milan

L1170225 (Large)„I decided to call it Silos, because this building used to store food, which is, of course, essential for life. For me, just as much as food, clothes are a part of life.“

Giorgio ArmaniL1170223 (Large)40 years ago Giorgio Armani created a new fashion identity, defying the passing of time with subtle shades, smooth fabrics and deconstructed jackets. A thin line between masculine and feminine, between rigour and indulgence, where the secret of modern seduction is unveiled.L1170205 (Large) L1170211 (Large) L1170216 (Large)At the Armani/Silos the designer shows us a glimpse of his world: The dream of a measured, timeless aesthetic approach which has changed not only our way of dressing, but also and above all our way of thinking.L1170185 (Large) L1170179 (Large) L1170177 (Large) L1170175 (Large)L1170168 (Large)Built in 1950 for storing cereals, this large area of 4500 square meters divided over 4 floors, you can enjoy a selection of clothes from 1980 until today. The selection, which does not follow a chronological order, tells the story and shows the styles divided by themes. Themes which have inspired and continue to inspire the creative work of Giorgio Armani.

On the ground floor are the sections of Stars and Daywear. The first floor is dedicated to Exoticism. On the second floor there is a section called Coloration. The third and last floor is dedicated to Glamour.

L1170174 (Large) L1170170 (Large)Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, SundayL1170181 (Large)
11 am – 8 pm

Thursday, Saturday
11 am – 10 pm

Via Bergognone, 40
Milan, Italy

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