Venice – Biennale di Arte 2015: British Pavilion

L1170985 (Large)„Humour is about negotiating the contradictions thrown up by convention. To a certain extent humour and seriousness are interchangeable. Otherwise it wouldn’t be funny. Or devastating.“
Sarah LucasL1170988 (Large)Sarah Lucas is representing Britain in the Giardini at the 56th Venice International Art Biennale 2015 with her major solo exhibition, I SCREAM DADDIO, in the British Pavilion.

Sarah Lucas’s works for the British Pavilion reprise and reinvent the themes that have come to define her powerfully irreverent art – gender, death, sex, and the innuendo residing in everyday objects. Throughout this latest group of works, the body – sexual, comedic, majestic – remains a crucial point of return, while Lucas’s work continues to confront big themes with a distinctive wit.L1170994 (Large) L1170995 (Large) L1170993 (Large) L1170992 (Large) L1170991 (Large) L1170989 (Large) L1170986 (Large)Biennale di Venezia, Italy till November 22, 2015

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