Gaston Vizsla: Art Opening at Cloud 9

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By Milky Way Art Critic Jolly Jingle.

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At the Art Opening Gaston Vizsla served Champagne named after his Mum. He got it exlusively at the Liquor Store at Milky Way where he always orders.

Vizsla Steven arrived some weeks ago at Cloud 9. He died in the age of 15 and was one of the most talented artist dogs I knew. Of course he carries his art now even beyond. Actually he lives with Gaston Vizsla at Cloud 9. And many of you know that Gaston is the owner of GASTON BAR, where many social gatherings already took place.

Steven Working2 (Medium)

Steven also painted one time 2 identical picures. One for Gaston and one for his fiancée Lexi who still lives on earth.

Gaston Vizsla offered Steven his first art exhibition in heaven and EXCLUSIVELY at GASTON BAR, located on Cloud 9.

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First of all Steven will tell you something of creating his way of painting. Down on earth his Mum Sarah helped him:

„First we would start by gathering our materials – the canvases, paint colors, something to put paints on (palettes, the plastic lid to a container), a towel, my ‚Good Dog‘ bucket filled with water and possibly a sheet to put down (I used it some times, not others, to protect the floor – just a clear sheet used by house painters).

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When we would do pre-orders people would pick their colors, so Mum would have each written on a sticky note. My first couple of sessions were in the bathroom, but the bigger/later ones were always on the balcony. Mum would lay out all of the canvases to make sure I had room to separate them, then set up everything else for me. Mum always considered herself as an ‚Assistant to the Master‘!

Steven Working1 (Medium)


I was in charge of keeping track of colors, of course, and regularly cleaning my paws. One color would be put on a palette, then my paw pressed on it. We did one color at a time. Mum would hold the canvases while I worked. Sometimes I would press and lift, sometimes I would drag a bit. After one color was complete, I would dip my paw in the bucket and let me get the paint off, then dry it.



Sometimes Mum and I would move on to the next color right away, mixing the colors on my paws for very interesting and creative looks. Mum would try to make sure there was a good mix of each color on every canvas, we didn’t want to disappoint my fans.


I often got paint on myself while I worked. My other paws, knees, even my belly, face, and tail sometimes; I liked to keep my paw lifted while Mum changed the canvases. One time I got especially creative and decided to wag my pink tail over some drying canvases, leaving droplets on them! I only did it one time, as a special treat to those commissioners.


Once they were complete Mum would carry me inside and make sure my paws were all clean – we rent, so trying to keep the carpet clean! – then bring in the canvases to dry, followed by cleaning up. The artist (ME!!) never does such menial tasks as the cleaning up.“



For further requests of Steven’s art please use this E-Mail:



Gaston Vizsla: „I just want to add: I brought my piece of Steven’s painting up to Cloud 9. The other half is still with my fiancée Lexi who lives in Las Vegas. She promised me she will bring it with her as soon as Cloud 9 is calling her.“

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