The history of skiing in Tyrol


It is a wonderful museum, made of several generations of one family. They all lived far up in the mountains in Austria and skiing was as essential as eating and drinking. It belonged for decades to the life of the mountain farmers. You find some very rare objects which document the history of skiing from 1900 till 1950. The exhibition takes place in Bio Aktiv Hotel Grafenast in Pill near Innsbruck. Stay for some nights and enjoy Austrian hospitality at its best.

The location of the museum:

Bio Aktiv Hotel Grafenast
Pillbergweg 205
6136 Pill, Tirol, Österreich

Telefon: +43-5242-63209


Traditional craft from Tyrol


Ronni Knabl collects historical craft tools from the mountain farmers in Tyrol, Austria. Have a look and visit his small museum high up in the mountains near Innsbruck. And try some of his fruit wines. They are amazing!



Facebook: Paprikawein

Philipp Pawelka, Photographer, Vienna, Barcelona

Philipp_Pawelka_portraitPhilipp Pawelka is a photographer specialized in landscapes, portraits and wildlife. Originally from Vienna he is now based in Barcelona while not travelling …

Travelling around the world for many years he has been inspired by the wonders of our planet to capture its natural beauty in all its variety, always looking for remote and unspoiled places where nature is still pure. These trips are also opportunities to spend time with local people and to take genuine portraits.

He also enjoyed magic deserts like the Wahiba and the Rub al Khali in Oman, the Gobi desert in Mongolia and the Namib and Kalahari deserts in Namibia.

„I am especially fascinated by desert landscapes with their clarity and the way they are stripped down to the essential. This is what motivated me to organize several expeditions from Austria to the Libyan deserts, where I could contemplate the grandeur, beauty and diversity of the Sahara.“

As well he feels at home at the beaches of the Caribbean, in high mountains and in the Nordic landscapes of Iceland and Norway.

His best photographs are covering fascinating countries such as Cuba, Iceland, Jamaica, Libya, Maldives, Mongolia, Namibia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Oman and the Caribbean. Philipp has been exhibiting in various countries, mainly in Austria and in Spain, and has published two books so far: „Impressions of Nepal“ and „Magic Deserts“.

Philipp_PawelkaYou can enjoy a selection of Philipp’s photographs by visiting his website and by liking his facebook page

All photographs presented in Philipp’s portfolio are available as follows:

  • Print on High Quality Photographic Paper
  • Print on Canvas on a wooden stretcher frame
  • Print on High Quality Photographic Paper, mounted on an Aluminium Dibond plaque
  • Print on High Quality Photographic Paper, mounted on an Aluminium Dibond plaque and protected by a glued Acrylic plaque

Prints are available in different sizes up to 150 x 100 cm. The most common formats are:

  • Small:   45×30 cm
  • Classic:   60×40 cm
  • Large:   75×50 cm
  • Giant:   90×60 cm
  • Collector:   120×80 cm and 150×100 cm

Most Prints are Limited Editions of 50 accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Footprints_on_Dunes Evening_at_Umm_el_Ma Erg_Ubari Umm_el_Ma Driving_through_Erg_Murzuk Akakus_Mountains Murzuk_Sunrise_Dunes Rolling_Dunes