Museum Diego Rivera, Guanajuato


Diego Rivera’s birthplace in Guanajuato, Mexico is a great museum honoring the famous artist (the Marxist Rivera was persona non grata here for years). Rivera and his twin brother were born in the house in 1886 (Carlos died at the age of two) and lived here until the family moved to Mexico City 6 years later. The museum’s ground floor is a recreation of the Rivera family home, furnished with 19th-century antiques.


The labyrinth of upper floors exhibit a permanent collection of his original works and preliminary sketches. You also see references to his life with Frida Kahlo.


Museo Casa Diego Rivera
Positos 47, Centro 
36000 Guanajuato, Mexiko


Christchurch: Earthquake Art


I am in a destroyed city. Destroyed by 3 earthquakes in 2010, 2011 and 2016. There are lots of ruins, lots of wounds between houses. They are now filled with art and the brains of artists. The shops are not there anymore, but instead there are containers. Really fancy containers.


I feel almost in Utopia. The people decided to fight, for their lives, for their futures, for their well beings. I am in New Zealand, almost at the end of the world. In Christchurch. And I am too astonished to talk about this. It takes my breath away. I brought to you some pictures. Look at them and then you will understand what I mean. And I am in love with that city …


Mythical creatures in Wuerzburg

L1160907 (Large)Mainfraenkisches Museum, Wuerzburg, November 26, 2014 – April 12, 2015

Artist Barbara Lenz from Wuerzburg, Germany uses all kind of natural materials: Feathers as well as dissected animal bodies, leaves, thistles, shells, cotton and jewelleries. She combines it to magical creatures. Many of the figures are equipped with fine mechanics for movements or for the creation of smoke and music. Some of them also blow soap bubbles. Barbara Lenz needs weeks or even months to create one single character.

A Happy and Healthy 2015!

2015 001At the beginning of the New Year I like to thank you from my heart. I cannot give you any present, but you are just heroes for me. Because it is you, who make my Blog like it is today. With every Like, every Follow and Comment from your side you will be part of my Network of art lovers around the world. You give me your time in reading my Posts and this makes me happy. Many of you I do know only from the digital world, but you touch my heart. And to all the others, who will be part of my network in the future: If you like to read my Posts, please leave your Like. I am very glad about it because it gives me always motivation to continue.

Happy New Year 2015!

Sabine from sl4artglobal.

Antonio Hernández, Jigsaw artist, Ciudad Juarez

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI meet Antonio Hernández at the Avenida Juarez in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The US border is just some blocks away. On a shady corner he installed his table. This is his office. He does not need much. Just a jigsaw, some rings and keys.
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWithin 10 minutes he writes names in their surfaces. Not with a pen but with a jigsaw. I never saw somebody doing that. “My father did this craft since 1933. He began at the same place in Ciudad Juarez.” Antonio recalls that he was 14 when his father showed him how to deal with that kind of material. For 2 year he was abroad: In Europe, where he showed his art in different museums in Dublin and Madrid.

I got a ring and a key. Special memories of Ciudad Juarez.