Marisa Fiori, Painter and Poet, Castelsardo/Sardinia

L1130071 (Large)The Sardinian artist Marisa Fiori is not only a painter but also a poet. Her inspiration she finds during her long walks along the many beaches of her island. She takes pictures of her favourite motives and at home she starts painting. “Actually, I don’t like the sea, but I see it every day because I am living here.” She considers drawing and painting as her therapy, something what makes her happy, again and again. “I am feeling myself like an island, the sea gives me a feeling of loneliness.”

L1130083 (Large)L1130072 (Large)Born in the small village of Bulzi she became a teacher. About 15 years ago she came to Castelsardo, a medieval town at the seaside at the North Western part of Sardinia. “I married a man from here, that’s why”, she admits. But she could not find happiness in life. In the closed society of Castelsardo she always felt like an outsider. “About 10 years ago I got seriously ill”, says the mother of a son and a daughter. “And I was unhappy. I had to change my life.” So she started painting and writing small poems. “My pictures are travelling to exhibitons, me not!” She has exhibitions in Italy and even in Germany. “I submitted a picture to a competition in Berlin and it won the first prize.” She tells how much she likes to travel. “But I am not courageous enough to explore the world. And, my husband doesn’t like to travel.”
L1130086 (Large)Auntie Giorgia!

“Volevo fare qualcosa di nuovo e trasformarmi un pó. Mi sono inventata questo lavoro per comunicare e non per competere con gli artisti. Mi piace srivere poesie e cerco die comunicare con esse e le immagini dei quadric. Sono alla ricerca di uno stile e non mi accontento mai di me stessa.”

The 63-year old Marisa says that she doesn’t find peace. “Yes, maybe travelling, getting in touch with other people, new things and places would make me happy but I am just too afraid of the new and unknown. As a former French teacher I speak very well French, that’s one thing which would make travels easier. But I just don’t know.” She points to one of her pictures with an old woman all dressed in black. “That’s auntie Giorgia, she lives in the village where I am born.” Life is still very traditional in the rural parts of Sardinia. Women there are not used to travel alone. Marisa Fioris daughter lives in Paris, her son in Berlin. She has plans to visit them, some day. Maybe there Marisa will get her happiness back. Maybe!

“Odore di cose dimenticate, di un amore sepolto nel vento, odore fresco, nuovo, di erba, di primavera, di fiori. Odore di un amore finito.” („La malinconia dei ricordi“ di Marisa Fiori)

L1130084 (Large)“Cerco spazi di libertá. Appartengo allo poesia e sento il tramonto scendere nel mio cuore come se fossi un’ eternal sera.”

L1130072 (Large) L1130074 (Large)Dolcemente racchiudi immagini rarefatte dal ricordo e gelosamente fai dei ritocchi alle ombre che annientano la vita.”