Ionela Mihai, Painter, Târgovişte

P1160043 (Large)Ionela is a student of Mihai Șerbanescu and is participating in the group exhibition in Sighisoara. After completing art school in Târgovişte she studies engineering in Bucharest. But: She dedicates her life to colors. “I like to express myself by colors”, says the 21-year old painter and talks about her dreams: “Later I would love to live in Portugal or Brasil. Yes, in Brasil! Because of the carnival and the colors, which are magic. For me!”
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Mihai Șerbanescu, Painter, Târgovişte

P1160019 (Large)His favorite painters are Tiepolo, Caravaggio and Dali. After studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest for six years he became an art teacher.

I meet him at an group exhibition in Sighisoara. The presentation is combined with a grant which allows him to work in that beautiful place for some weeks. „I will go to the streets daily. I will paint for at least 10 hours.“
P1160028 (Large)When painting he forgets the outside world. “Important for me is to discover my emotions”, he says. And he gives a message to all the people who look at his art: “I like to let my paintings talk, let them develop energy for a long time. The people will have different emotions when they look at my pictures.“
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