Venice – Biennale di Arte 2015: German Pavilion

L1180005 (Large) L1170997 (Large)The German Pavilion has often acted as an artistic echo chamber for German history and identity. This year in the Giardini, the Pavilion’s large, quiet interior with its great height and accompanying sense of volume is a resonant space in which the productive sound of a globalized world can be heard. Starting from their varied reflections on the notions of „work“, „migration“, and „revolt“, the four artistic positions transform the building into a factory, into a vanished, virtual factory of the imagination, into a factory for political narratives and for analysing our visual culture.

The actors who populate the works by Olaf Nicolai, Hito Steyerl, Tobias Zielony, and Jasmina Metwaly/Philip Rizk are figures of revolt. We are confronted by these figures in all four works – be they theatrical, photographic, filmic, virtual, and/or physical in nature. The interpretation of the building’s verticality provides a number of different stages for this pavilion with its inherent spirit of resistance: Ranging from a basement area all the way up to the roof. It is important too that the roof appears as a heterotope, as „another place“, in which freedom is evoked.L1170998 (Large) L1170999 (Large) L1180001 (Large)Biennale di Venezia, Italy till November 22, 2015