Secretary of Education: Diego Rivera’s murals 


In the movie „Frida“ the young art student Frida Kahlo learned that Diego Rivera, famous artist, was painting murals at the Secretary of Education in Mexico City. Herself very much interested in art, she brought some of her work to him at the Secretary of Education and asked for his opinion: „You’ve got talent“, was his reply.

Two marriages and a lifelong love affair later, the love and hate relationship of Kahlo and Rivera lives on, along with the beautiful inspired work they both created.


The Secretary of Education building is located in the oldest part of Mexico City, El Centro. Free to the public and open on weekdays until 6 PM, more than 100 murals are on display. These murals represent some of Rivera’s early work. Surprisingly, these murals are on outside of an open air courtyard.

Diego Rivera worked on the murals for six years. There are three floors of murals to view. The murals on the bottom are older than the ones on top. The murals tell stories about the labor movement, the arts and traditional life in Mexico.


A Must Be when you are in Mexico City. Free Entry.

Secretary of Education
Calle Republica de Argentina 28
Mexico City 06000, Mexico


Phin Sophorn, Artist, Battambang

P1110992 (Large)Phin, wife of Mao Soviet, studied at the same school Phare Ponleu Selpak. She graduated in 2011 and since then she specializes in paintings. Her art focusses on women issues.

“I want to express the lives of women. In Cambodia they face many problems. They are busy with house work and family caring, but at the same time they are afraid to express themselves. Since they study normally lesser than men they don’t feel equal. I like to give women a voice by my art. And I like to remind women of their culture and where they come from. They should not forget about it. The orientation towards Western values is nowadays very strong in our society.”
P1120015 (Medium)
P1120014 (Medium)P1110993 (Medium)P1120012 (Medium)P1120010 (Medium)