Munich: Peter Lindbergh and his Supermodels

KUNSTHAL_LIND.0291 (Large)

White Shirts: Estelle Léfebure, Karen Alexander, Rachel Williams, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz & Christy Turlington, Malibu, 1988 © Peter Lindbergh (Courtesy of Peter Lindbergh, Paris / Gagosian Gallery)



April 13 – August 27, 2017
daily 10 – 20 h

Kunsthalle München
Theatinerstraße 8
80333 München

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Kate Moss, Paris, 2014 Vogue Italia © Peter Lindbergh (Courtesy of Peter Lindbergh, Paris / Gagosian Gallery) Giorgio Armani, S/S 2015

This exhibition about German photographer Peter Lindbergh (born 1944 in Lissa), one of the most influential fashion photographers of the past 40 years, features more than 220 photographs. His iconic images, with which he heralded the supermodel phenomenon in the 1990s, will be presented along with unpublished photographs and unseen material, varying from personal notes, storyboards, props, polaroids, contact sheets and films to monumental prints. His avant-garde images quickly addressed concerns of society in a world with established aesthetic codes: his pure black-and-white photographs have determined the course of fashion photography since the early 1980s.


Tribute to Nijinski (Kristen McMenamy), New York, 1993 Harper’s Bazaar © Peter Lindbergh (Courtesy of Peter Lindbergh, Paris / Gagosian Gallery) Valentino, Spring/Summer 1993

Lindbergh’s predominantly black and white photographs that capture the fleeting moment opened up a new dimension of realism in fashion photography, revolutionizing the visual idiom of the well-known magazines and fashion labels. Avoiding the artifice of fashion photography, Lindbergh was the first to focus on the unique personalities of his models. Instead of beautifully dressed human “clothes horses”, he portrayed self-assured, expressive personas, from the femme fatale to the heroine, but also the female dancer and the actress. His oeuvre is characterized by portraits that radiate a certain lack of inhibition and physical grace.


Pina Bausch, Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, 1996 © Peter Lindbergh (Courtesy of Peter Lindbergh, Paris / Gagosian Gallery) Giorgio Armani

About the exhibition

The exhibition “From Fashion to Reality” is an homage to Lindbergh’s multifaceted oeuvre from 1978 to the present day. The show has a thematic approach, marking his creative development and focusing on the passions he developed over the years.

Eight different sections have been devised: “Supermodels”, “Couturiers”, “Zeitgeist”, “Dance”, “The Darkroom”, “The Unknown”, “Silver Screen” and “Icons”.


Models like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington and Tatjana Patitz, among others, were young and unknown when Lindbergh photographed them in the late 1970s and 1980s. Later, their first names became household names that rolled off tongues the world over. While the focus of influential fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue had hitherto been on the clothes, the spotlight was now being shone onto the women presenting them. This section shows Lindbergh’s iconic pictures from the 1990s and is complemented with photographs from the recent reunion of the supermodels (published in Vogue Italia, September 2015). Lindbergh shows that twenty-five years later, they have not lost any of their beauty and personality.

Check it out! The exhibition is really great!


Charlotte Rampling, Paris, 1987 Vanity Fair © Peter Lindbergh (Courtesy of Peter Lindbergh, Paris / Gagosian Gallery)



Cindy Sherman, City Gallery Wellington


The first New Zealand solo exhibition in more than 25 years by internationally-acclaimed artist Cindy Sherman at City Gallery Wellington is on show until 19 March 2017.thumb_cindy-sherman-untitled-466-courtesy-the-artist-and-metro-pictures-new-york-the-artist_1024

New York-based Sherman is widely considered one of the most influential artists living today. Her practice has challenged and shaped the way we think about contemporary photography and her works confront stereotypes and cultural clichés, probing at society’s fascination with issues surrounding the representation of women and the cult of celebrity.

For over forty years, the New York-based artist has used herself as her own model in staged photographs, transforming her appearance through make-up, costumes, wigs, prostheses, and more recently, digital effects.


Her chameleon-like transformations offer a sustained, cutting and at times disturbing investigation of gender, social conditioning, narcissism and celebrity culture. Cindy Sherman is a major exhibition of Sherman’s photography since 2000, the moment where she returned to photographing herself after a decade of wilful absenteeism from her own work. Cindy Sherman features over 50 large-scale photographs created since 2000, and includes images from fashion house collaborations with Balenciaga 2007-2008, and Chanel 2010–2013 as well as the iconic ‘Head shots’ 2000-2002, ‘Clowns’ 2003–2004 and ‘Society portraits’ from 2008. The exhibition also includes her most recent series referencing old Hollywood glamour along with a large scale, site-specific mural.


City Gallery Wellington Curator Aaron Lister says, „Visitors will get a rich sense of everything Sherman has made since 2000. She works in discrete and bounded series – this exhibition samples generously from every series from the last 16 years. We see Sherman reappearing as a model or a character in her photographs, and also her embrace of digital photography to open new possibilities or worlds for these characters to inhabit.“


There will also be a related exhibition of Sherman’s found photographs, albums and scrapbooks. This collection of other people’s photographs—some of which were first shown at the 2013 Venice Biennale—demonstrates how she trawls the collective image bank of culture, and her fascination with how other people present themselves through photography.

Accompanying the exhibition there will also be a series of film screenings – many of which have been selected by Sherman – that have informed her practice, including her own film, Office Killer (1997).

City Gallery Wellington is the only New Zealand venue. Until 19 March 2017.


Photos: Courtesy of City Gallery Wellington.


Mario Testino in Berlin

IMG_7089 (Large)Mario Testino. In Your Face

10785 Berlin

Till 26 July 2015

“Mario Testino uses the camera lens to transform the most beautiful moments of fashion into immortal visual moments, which in their splendour, sophistication and perfection of form are reminiscent of the major epochs of painting. Mario Testino also makes a transformation in each of his photographs – from a visual witness to the history of fashion to a visual artist who writes the history of art with his works.”

Moritz Wullen, Director Kunstbibliothek

IMG_7108„In Your Face, for me, represents the most free way of expression. As an image-maker people always want to put you in a box. I believe we are made of many different aspects and not always are we allowed to let all these different aspects show, let alone to live next to each other as they do in this exhibition. This particular hanging style for these photographic works allows all of these different aspects of my curiosity to have a conversation; they not only exist on their own but trigger a reaction when being next to each other.“

Mario Testino

IMG_7091 (Large) IMG_7102 (Large) IMG_7103 (Large)For the first time in Berlin, the Kunstbibliothek – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin presents the work of the influential photographer Mario Testino at the Kulturforum. The show „Mario Testino: In Your Face“ shows the full range of his photographic work, in 125 images, placing particular emphasis on its provocative contrasts. This is the first time „In Your Face“ has been exhibited in Europe following its premiere in 2012 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

It has also been shown at the Museo de Arte Latinoamericana de Buenos Aires (MALBA) and at the Museu de Arte Brasileira (FAAP) in São Paolo in 2014. The exhibition explores and celebrates the innovation and diversity in Testino’s photography, which evokes elegance, irreverence and contradiction. Testino was involved with the selection and layout of the works, juxtaposing formal portraits with private snapshots, nudes with fashion, and black and white with colour.IMG_7092 (Large) IMG_7094 (Large) IMG_7095 (Large) IMG_7105 (Large) IMG_7100 (Large)

La fièvre jaune, Photo Exhibition, Wuerzburg

Photo Exhibition, starting October 12, 2014. Till end of December.

HENNEBERGER und Partner – Gallery
Mariannhillstrasse 6a (ehem. US-Hospital / Ecke Richard-Wagner-Straße und Mariannhillstraße)
97074 Wuerzburg

Opening Sunday, October 12, 11 am.

Enric Boixadós. Photo:

Enric Boixadós. Photo:

In der Würzburger Kanzlei und Galerie Henneberger wird von Oktober bis Dezember 2014 “La fièvre jaune“ – „Das gelbe Fieber“ als Inbegriff der tiefen Sehnsucht nach der Ferne gezeigt. Eine Ausstellung mit Fotografien in Schwarzweiß aus Kambodscha und Burma von Enric Boixadós.

Ergänzt wird das Erlebnis der Bilder bei der Matinee mit einer Lesung aus den Reiseerzählungen von Sabine Ludwig Unterwegs am Mekong.

Angkor Vat, die perfekte Nachbildung des Universums, liegt versunken im Dschungel von Kambodscha. In Stein gehauene Gesichter mit erstarrtem, eiskaltem Lächeln blicken auf Jahrhunderte zurück, in denen sie unentdeckt blieben. Verloren im Urwald, dann der grausame Bürgerkrieg der Khmer Rouge mit Zerstörung und Tod. Diese Antlitze haben erlebt, was niemand mehr berichten kann oder zu erzählen wagt. Mit weit aufgerissenen Pupillen blicken sie ins Leere, irgendwohin in die unermesslichen Tiefen jenseits des menschlichen Daseins. Sie sind und bleiben stumm. Lautlos werden sie vom Dschungel überwuchert, der Würgegriff der mächtigen Wurzeln umklammert sie, hält sie fest, bereit für die Ewigkeit.

Ortswechsel Burma. Verfolgung, Unterdrückung, aber auch Hoffnung spiegeln sich in den Gesichtern der Menschen. In der Ferne ertönt die leise Melancholie burmesischer Befreiungslieder. Das ist sie: Die eigentümliche und tiefe Sehnsucht nach den fernen Ländern am Ende der Welt. “La fièvre jaune” – “Das gelbe Fieber”, nannten die Kolonialherren vor langer Zeit dieses Gefühl. War es die Gewissheit, das Andere niemals als Heimat betrachten zu können, oder war es schließlich die Erkrankung ihrer Seele, durch die sie die Widersprüchlichkeit mit all der berauschenden Exotik nie verstehen lernten. Ich habe keine Antwort darauf.

Enric Boixadós, September 2014

DSCF9650 (Large) DSCF0897 (Large) DSCF0818 (Large) DSCF0831 (Large) DSCF1010 (Large) DSCF0977 (Large) DSCF0936 (Large) DSCF0879 (Large) DSCF0381 (Large) DSCF0312 (Large) DSCF0424 (Large)

H2O, Photo Exhibition, Randersacker

Photo Exhibition, starting September 13, 2014:

Winzerhof am Spielberg Schenk
Ochsenfurter Strasse 21
97236 Randersacker, Germany

Enric Boixadós is a self-taught freelance photojournalist. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. He studied cultural anthropology and is a documentary, reportage and features photographer. He lived for several years in South East Asia and West Africa. His pictures have been published in international magazines. Further he has showcased some of his pieces in Germany and Spain and is a regular participant of Press Photo Awards. He is based in Randersacker/Germany and Barcelona/Spain.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA DSCF0018 (Large) DSCF0318 (Large) DSCF0364 (Large) DSCF0455 (Large) DSCF2230 (2) (Large) DSCF3170 (Large) DSCF9651 (Large) L1000773 (Large) L1000830 (Large) L1000831 (Large)Photos: Courtesy of Enric Boixadós.

Nicola Mesken, Photographer, Barcelona

4.designerportrait_PIMPAM (Large)I meet Nicola Mesken for a drink in Barcelona’s Café Zurich right at the Plaça de Catalunya. For the last 10 years she is working and living as a freelance photographer in Barcelona.

I know her already for some years and I am very curious to get to know more about her latest project, called PIMPAMs. Those are photographs of Barcelona applied on wood. They are available as keyholders and pictures at the onlineshop Dawanda.

macba (Large) gaudi-laterne (Large) estrella (Large) dali (Large)Nicola started that part of her business in 2012, when many of her friends left Barcelona due to the economic crisis. “I was looking for personalized presents, which would always remind my friends of their time in Barcelona. Something that they would look once in a while, bringing back nice memories we shared”, she explains. For every person Nicola took a special picture – their favourite bar, their favourite dish or the park, where they felt in love. Or just their preferred beach full of nice summer memories.

asunnyday (Large) hotelwdaylight (Large)“It was then, that residents of this town would ask me, where to buy those PIMPAMs and whether I had a shop in the city. One year after starting the business, it is now becoming bigger and bigger.” And Nicola is still quite flattered by the reaction of her friends as well as by complete strangers, not only by her idea, but by the photographs she takes and how she looks at Barcelona – the city of her choice.

balconies (Large) 3.moreproducts_PIMPAM (Large)calle-tallers (Large)PIMPAM is named after a Spanish expression. People use it to describe an action like “I fixed this – pimpam pimpam”, which means like “in an instance”, one after the other. “From the first moment I liked this expression, and my idea was that you can hang one picture PIM, and than a second one PAM, and you find your perfect combination of different images PIMPAM. There you go.”

Combination 2 (Large)

Buttons for Barcelona lovers.

Buttons for Barcelona lovers.

Nicola experimented for quite a while with different woods and several papers to find the perfect combination of materials. She wanted her work to be of very high quality and that it would last – well, forever :-). “And what can I say, I am very happy with the results”, she says.

“It was then, when people did not stop to ask me where to buy the PIMPAMs, that I started to sell them on little markets in Barcelona. A friend then suggested to sell them online which I now do on Dawanda.

Of course, people can still come to Barcelona to buy them directly from Nicola Mesken at her little photo studio. “I am always happy to look at the PIMPAMs together with my clients to find the personal, perfect combination, including some information of what to see and where to go in this town.”

Or, just visit one of the shops listed below, while strolling through Barcelona.

My studio at CREC
La central Bookshop at MACBA

By the way, Nicola as a photographer is specialized in weddings and love story shootings for couples visiting Barcelona. Also she makes great portrait and product photography.
Meet Nicola on Facebook!