Social Media-Potpourri in Saarbrücken

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlogger, Influencer und Co.? Schon mal was von der Fancy Pop-up Gallery in Saarbrücken gehört? Nein? Ich war vor Ort, habe geschaut und gestaunt. Für Menschen, die das Besondere suchen oder auch nur einen ganz speziellen Rahmen für das eigene und außergewöhnliche Selfie ist die Location das Nonplusultra.


40 Motive auf 2.500 Quadratmeter warten darauf, von Euch entdeckt und geshootet zu werden. Das liebevoll genannte „Fancy“ gehört zu den größten Pop-up-Museen Deutschlands. Alle Dekos, Glitter und Glimmer sind nach Gusto begehbar. Während meines Besuches ließ es sich eine Gruppe von Frauen nicht nehmen, vor pinken Flamingos, einem überdimensionalen Leberkäsbrötchen oder vor einer XXL-Flugzeugturbine zu modeln. Begleitet von Gelächter, Tipps und viel Spaß, denn aufregend ist ein Trip ins Reich der Fantasie auf jeden Fall.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Oder wollt Ihr Teil eines erfolgreichen Banküberfalls werden? Kein Problem, denn es gibt Unmengen an Geldscheinen zum fotoreifen Ablichten. Habt Ihr Appetit auf Donut und Co.? Kunterbunt werden die Zuckersachen im Riesenformat zum Knipsen angeboten.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADie romantische Blümchenschaukel zieht nicht nur Flower Power-Fans an. Und die Pan Am-Lounge weckt bei Vielfliegern Erinnerungen an längst vergangene Zeiten. In der Gallery lässt sich jeder Winkel für überraschende Bildmotive oder Videoprojekte nutzen.


Ohne Beleuchtung geht’s natürlich nicht. Lichtkörper sind vorhanden, sogar selbst nutzbar und einzusetzen. Hier könnt Ihr nicht nur Eure Social Media-Aktivitäten aufpeppen sondern auch Familienfotos machen. Für das nächste Fest oder um Oma und Opa zu erfreuen! Darüberhinaus ist Saarbrücken immer einen Besuch wert.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Instagram: the fancymuseum


Freitag von 14 bis 22 Uhr
Samstag von 10 bis 22 Uhr
Sonntag von 10 bis 20 Uhr

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABloggers, Influencers and Co.? Have you ever heard of the Fancy Pop-up Gallery in Saarbrücken? No? I was there, looked and marveled. For people who are looking for something special or just a very special setting for their very own selfie, the location is the ultimate. 40 motifs on 2,500 square meters are waiting to be discovered and shot by you. The affectionately named „Fancy“ is one of the largest pop-up museums in Germany.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll decorations, glitter and bling bling are freely accessible and great for unusual and funny selfies. During my visit, a group of women insisted on modeling in front of pink flamingos, an oversized meat sandwich or an XXL airplane turbine. Accompanied by laughter and lots of fun, because a trip into the realm of the imagination is definitely exciting. Or do you want to be part of a successful bank robbery? No problem, there are tons of banknotes to be photographed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you have an appetite for donuts and lollies? The candy items are offered in gigantic sizes for snapping. The romantic flower swing not only attracts flower power fans. And the Pan Am Lounge awakens frequent flyer memories of past times. Every corner in the gallery can be used for surprising images or video projects.


Of course you can’t do without lighting. Lighting fixtures are available and can even be used and deployed by yourself. Here you can not only spice up your social media activities but also take family photos. For the next party or to please grandma and grandpa! And the city of Saarbrücken is always worth a visit.

Duesseldorf: Myth Tour de France

thumb_P5180021_1024NRW-Forum Duesseldorf
Ehrenhof 2
40479 Düsseldorf

The exhibition Mythos Tour de France lasts until July 30, 2017.Sabine-2 (Large)Sabine2-Bearbeitet (Large)

For her long-term project „Allez le Tour“ my friend Nicola Mesken has been photographing fans on the fringes of the route Tour the France for twelve years now. Using an analogue compact camera and black-and-white film she documents life on the fringes of the route and shows the fans’ quiet moments – sitting on their folding chairs, preparing breakfast, or playing Scrabble to make the waiting time pass more quickly.



Nicola Mesken (left) about the approach of her Tour de France photography. Photo: Enric Boixadós

An international group exhibition showcases till July 30, 2017 the powerful imagery of the most important bicycle race in the world. It features portraits of cyclists, film documentaries, installations, landscape shots and mood images. The exhibition spans more than 80 years of Tour history with over 120 works by 20 international artists. It is shining a light on the tumultuous history of the Tour de France, showing its splendour and its more shady aspects and demonstrate how sporting events and image events are interdependent.

Beside Nicola Mesken there are works by Otto Berchem, Robert Capa, Laurent Cipriani, Andreas Gursky, Harry Gruyaert, Martin Höfer, Philipp Hympendahl, Richard Kalvar, Timm Kölln, Kraftwerk, Guy Le Querrec, Louis Malle, Reinhard Mucha, Pascal Rivet, Kai Schäfer, Paul Smith, Olaf Unverzart, Stephan Vanfleteren and John Vink.

Here you see an approach of Nicola Mesken’s work. It is an impressive testimony of sticking to a long planned project as well as ambition and courage. During 7 minutes the film will take you in an unknown world of both: the unconditional love to photography and the hard, often cruel challenges of a sport event which is unique on our planet.


If you cannot get enough of the pics and impressions: Get Nico’s art book „Allez le tour“. It is in English, French, German and Spanish. You can order here!

ausstellung nicola mesken-5 (Large)

Nicola Mesken with Allez le tour! Follow her on Instagram! And on Facebook!

Mario Testino in Berlin

IMG_7089 (Large)Mario Testino. In Your Face

10785 Berlin

Till 26 July 2015

“Mario Testino uses the camera lens to transform the most beautiful moments of fashion into immortal visual moments, which in their splendour, sophistication and perfection of form are reminiscent of the major epochs of painting. Mario Testino also makes a transformation in each of his photographs – from a visual witness to the history of fashion to a visual artist who writes the history of art with his works.”

Moritz Wullen, Director Kunstbibliothek

IMG_7108„In Your Face, for me, represents the most free way of expression. As an image-maker people always want to put you in a box. I believe we are made of many different aspects and not always are we allowed to let all these different aspects show, let alone to live next to each other as they do in this exhibition. This particular hanging style for these photographic works allows all of these different aspects of my curiosity to have a conversation; they not only exist on their own but trigger a reaction when being next to each other.“

Mario Testino

IMG_7091 (Large) IMG_7102 (Large) IMG_7103 (Large)For the first time in Berlin, the Kunstbibliothek – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin presents the work of the influential photographer Mario Testino at the Kulturforum. The show „Mario Testino: In Your Face“ shows the full range of his photographic work, in 125 images, placing particular emphasis on its provocative contrasts. This is the first time „In Your Face“ has been exhibited in Europe following its premiere in 2012 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

It has also been shown at the Museo de Arte Latinoamericana de Buenos Aires (MALBA) and at the Museu de Arte Brasileira (FAAP) in São Paolo in 2014. The exhibition explores and celebrates the innovation and diversity in Testino’s photography, which evokes elegance, irreverence and contradiction. Testino was involved with the selection and layout of the works, juxtaposing formal portraits with private snapshots, nudes with fashion, and black and white with colour.IMG_7092 (Large) IMG_7094 (Large) IMG_7095 (Large) IMG_7105 (Large) IMG_7100 (Large)