Lucas Santtana, Songwriter, Rio de Janeiro

IMG_9960 (Large)„My life for the music!“

lucas_santtana_19 (Large)Lucas Santtana at Wuerzburg City Library, giving a sample of his songs. Foto: Enric Boixadós

Lucas Santtana at Wuerzburg City Library, giving a sample of his songs. Foto: Enric Boixadós

Lucas Santtana performs at Wuerzburg Hafensommer

Without doubt – he is the star of the Música Popular Brasileira. The songwriter and producer from Rio de Janeiro presents his music on a warm summer night in the German town of Wuerzburg.

Political activist

Beside his music he is political active. He stands for social justice and shows this when he marches with his friends on the streets of Rio and Sao Paulo. For a better health and education system, public transport and more participation in political structures and democracy.

lucas_santtana_09 (Large)Many of his songs are critical. Santtana says clearly what he doesn’t like. He reflects before he answers. For example, he wants that his son will have a good life. In the future the ten years old Josué should have the chance to study and, in case he falls ill, to get sufficient medical treatment. Santtana fights for his rights. With his music he wants to reach people and politicians.

lucas_santtana_25 (Large)Starting with a flute

“I like to travel and bring my songs to all the countries.” His career began in his childhood which he spent in Salvador da Bahia. His mother, a dance teacher, encouraged him. “She brought me records from her work. The afternoons at home I listened to the different songs. How wonderful it was! What for nice memories!” He admits, that then he liked all kind of music: Jazz, Bossanova, Beethoven, Rock.

With 14 he got his first instrument, a flute. “This was the time I knew I want to become a musician!” First he played in small orchestras, after he performed with bands in his home region Bahia and later all over Brazil.

Lucas Santtana made his way. Today he belongs to the top musicians in Brazil.
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