Venice – Biennale di Arte 2015: Russian Pavilion

L1170976 (Large)The Russian Pavilion in the Giardini at the 56th Venice Biennale presents Irina Nakhova’s The Green Pavilion. Since the mid-1970s, Nakhova (born 1955) has made a significant contribution to the development of Moscow Conceptualism, infusing its logocentric model with visual intensity and a critical edge. In the early 1980s, using one of the rooms in her Moscow apartment, Nakhova embarked on a series of environments entitled „Rooms“. The series anticipated Ilya Kabakov’s iconic Moscow installation „The Man Who Flew into the Cosmos from His Room“. The Russian Pavilion is painted green, a color deliberately chosen to evoke the original appearance of the building, designed by Aleksei Shchusev in 1914.L1170975 (Large) L1170978 (Large) L1170977 (Large)Biennale di Venezia, Italy till November 22, 2015