Women, women, women …

… at Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt. Till July 5, 2020. Online Tickets here!

Besides famous female artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Frida Kahlo or Meret Oppenheim, visitors will be able to discover countless unknown but exciting artistic positions from over three decades of Surrealist art, such as Alice Rahon or Kay Sage.

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Yoko Ono at Schirn, Frankfurt

P1130834 (Large)“Yoko Ono. Half-A-Wind Show. A Retrospective” till May 12, 2013

Yoko Ono  Half a wind Show Schirn KunsthalleYoko Ono is one of the most influential artists of our time. In honor of the 80th birthday of the artist, who was born in Tokyo on February 18, 1933, the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt is presenting an extensive retrospective encompassing a representative selection of her works from the past 60 years.
Schirn_Presse_Yoko_Ono_Painting Schirn_Presse_Yoko_Ono_Ausstellungsansicht_6 Schirn_Presse_Ono_War_is_Over_1969 Schirn_Presse_Ono_Walking_On_Thin_Ice_1981_02 ©Peter.Moore.9.25.65.D1.Ono Schirn_Presse_Ono_Season_of_Glass_1981 Schirn_Presse_Ono_Museum_of_Modern_F-Art_1971 Schirn_Presse_Ono_Half_a_Room_1967 Schirn_Presse_Ono_Fly_1970 Schirn_Presse_Ono_Cut_Piece_1965 Schirn_Presse_Ono_Bottoms_1966 The Frankfurt exhibition will feature a comprehensive survey of the multifaceted universe of this extraordinary artist, who is regarded as a pioneer of early conceptual, film and performance art as well as a key figure in the world of music, the peace movement and feminism, who continues to play an influential role in current developments in art. Some 200 objects, films, spatial installations, photographs, drawings and textual pieces as well as a special music room will shed light on the diverse media landscape of Ono’s art and the central themes of her oeuvre.
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The retrospective devotes particular attention to Yoko Ono’s works from the 1960s and 1970s. It features, among other exhibits, such groundbreaking works as the Instructions for Paintings first exhibited in 1961 and 1962, the performance Cut Piece (1964), and her book Grapefruit, published in 1964, which firmly established Yoko Ono’s influential position within the avant-garde in Japan and the United States and the Fluxus movement associated with George Maciunas. Several large-scale installations and recent works by this world-renowned artist will also be shown at the exhibition. Yoko Ono has also developed a new work – the installation and performance Moving Mountains – specifically for the exhibition in Frankfurt.
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Yoko Ono, who was born in Japan and spent her childhood in both Japan and the United States, is regarded as one of the pioneers of Conceptual Art. In 1952, she became the first woman ever admitted to Gakushūin University in Tokyo as a student of philosophy.
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She went on shortly thereafter to study composition and creative writing in the United States. Later on, she moved to New York, where she became a protagonist in the avant-garde scene associated with such musicians as John Cage, Fluxus founder George Maciunas, and the film-maker Jonas Mekas. Having helped pave the way for the socially critical art of the 1960s, Yoko Ono quickly attained recognition as an artist who played an instrumental role in the birth and formal development of performance and conceptual art.
Schirn_Presse_Ono_Bed_Peace_1969Later, in collaboration with her husband John Lennon, with whom she took part in numerous sessions and musical projects until his violent death, Ono herself advanced to the status of a world-famous pop legend and continues to work on music projects under various pseudonyms even today – most recently on an album recorded with Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth in 2012. Yoko Ono has also demonstrated her commitment to environmental protection, peace, and human rights in numerous publications.
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The retrospective conceived by the Schirn Kunsthalle will be presented later on at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, the Kunsthalle Krems, and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Images (13): Courtesy of the Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt.
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