National Museum, Lusaka

P1040193 (Large)Particularly fascinating is the witchcraft exhibit which will give the visitor the opportunity to learn about a part of Zambian life that is rarely discussed, but is deeply imbedded in every sphere of daily life. The pieces offer rare insights into traditional practices of witchcraft seldom discussed in ancient and daily culture.
P1040187 (Large)P1040181 (Large)There are so many people in Zambia who can swear to have had some personal encounter with the power of witchcraft. Some of these people are very highly educated individuals who have obtained their academic qualifications from overseas universities. It is fact that many Zambians turn to traditional healers, herbalists and witchdoctors when confronted by strange or unexplainable problems.
P1040189 (Large)P1040177 (Large)P1040188 (Large)P1040179 (Large)P1040186 (Large)P1040183 (Large)Various religions teach that there exist spiritual forces that influence the physical world. On one hand, there are evil forces which find their highest embodiment in a spiritual being commonly referred to as the Devil. On the other hand, there are good forces which find their highest embodiment in a spiritual being referred to as God.
P1040192 (Medium)P1040191 (Medium)







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Lusaka National Museum
Independence Avenue
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Lusaka, Zambia