Art and its magical world

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWhile many blogs offer lots of information, I try to keep sl4artglobal more inspirational, motivational, and advocate art as an ongoing love affair that should never have an expiry date. I believe that life with art is an ongoing journey and through travelling many countries, discovering new people, cultures and languages, we can endlessly be creating ourselves on our own journey into global art. The most important aspect of art blogging for me is to photograph and write in a way that makes readers instantly want to jump into a gallery or into a museum or into an exhibition! I really just want people to feel inspired to get in touch with art and its magical world!

My favorite writer

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASome of my favorite forms of literature are diaries, memoirs, poems. I love rawness, vulnerability, truth, and the poignant observations that unravel the dualities of the human condition.

Time for reading again. Words won’t express how much I admire this writer, the magnificent Marguerite Duras. My favorite female writer of all time. I spent hours getting lost in literature at a second hand bookstore somewhere in Indochina, back in 1996, when I finally found her book “The Lover”. Since then I have been reading it throughout my travels, reading it over and over again. I’m so drawn to her spirit, her life. She has fueled the fire in my own journey of writing my memoir. I will never meet her in this lifetime, maybe another. Her soul continues to speak to me through her pages.

A Happy and Healthy 2015!

2015 001At the beginning of the New Year I like to thank you from my heart. I cannot give you any present, but you are just heroes for me. Because it is you, who make my Blog like it is today. With every Like, every Follow and Comment from your side you will be part of my Network of art lovers around the world. You give me your time in reading my Posts and this makes me happy. Many of you I do know only from the digital world, but you touch my heart. And to all the others, who will be part of my network in the future: If you like to read my Posts, please leave your Like. I am very glad about it because it gives me always motivation to continue.

Happy New Year 2015!

Sabine from sl4artglobal.